Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Just in case you may have missed it, Sal over at Puck Junk and I have been doing a weekly podcast where we discuss hockey and hockey cards.  A lot of content has been devoted to the playoffs and such but each episode we try to review either a newer set, and oldie but a goodie, or BOTH.

I put a link to them at the top of the blog on the left hand side if anyone is interested in listening.  At this point, we are up to 5.

Give them a listen.  Most are around a half hour.  Leave a constructive comment or two. 


  1. Wait, they still make hockey cards? Haha! I need to give these a listen since I'm finally getting out of my collecting funk, funny how the Cup changes things.

    1. Yeah. I was way behind until Sal helped me out of my funk. The podcast has been fun so far. Check em out if you get a chance. They won't be the best you've ever heard but they are getting better as we go.


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