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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Steeler 6-Pack

This is the sixth installment of a the Sunday Steeler 6-Pack.  We finally got our first win last week...only after I posted two of these Six Packs.  Maybe that was the reason??  Or the fact that we played the Jets.  Actually the Jets are a lot like the Steelers.  You never know which team you are going to get week to week.

Each Sunday of the NFL season, I will feature 6 random cards from my Pittsburgh Steelers' PC.  There is no rhyme or reason for any of them, just 6 random cards I pull out of one of my many boxes or binders of black and gold (and there are MANY) and maybe a comment or two.

Here We Go!

1991 Pinnacle Dermontti Dawson

I don't know why all my Dermontti Dawson card scans look all funky like this.  Weird.

2009 Bowman Red Parallel Lamarr Woodley

I have posted on here the white version and regular version too before.  Maybe even this one.  I don't know.

1971 Topps Dave Smith

You can see this is a little banged up.  I think I have a better version of it but that wasn't the scan I had.  Smith led the team in Touchdowns in 1971 with five.  It would have been 6 had it not been for the other incident he is known for against the Chefs on Monday Night Football.  After catching a pass from Bradshaw, sprinting 50 yards to paydirt, and celebrating by pumping the ball over his head as he approached the goal line, the ball slipped from his hands, rolling through the endzone and out the back for a touchback.  I'm sure many of you have seen it on the all-time blooper highlight reels.  I know I have.

1955 Bowman Ted Marchibroda

While probably best known for his coaching stints with the Redskins (I can still call them that, right?), Colts, Bears, Lions, Eagles, Bills, Colts again, and Ravens, he was actually a player.  He was drafted in 1953 by the Steelers, played one season, then joined the Army.  After returning, he played parts of another two seasons in Pittsburgh, including starting 11 games in 1956 (he was 4-7 with 12 TD passes) before heading to the Cardinals for a year.

2008 Topps Stadium Club

I picked this card, not for Ben, but for the two guys blocking for him.  There we have Marvel Smith and Alan Faneca.  These guys were two of the most important players on the Steelers offensive line and they are a big reason why we won two Super Bowl rings.  Unfortunately, age and free agency kicked in.  Faneca went to the Jets for an unheard of salary.  Smith had back problems that kept him from being resigned and after signing with the 49ers in 2009, he retired.

2006 Upper Deck Super Bowl XL Casey Hampton

This is from the commemorative set issued by Upper Deck, seemingly after every Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, etc.